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2011 Tally: 118 (incomplete)

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3/7 Monsters
3/8 astronauts wife
We own the night
3/11 battle la
Girl walks into a bar
Little deaths
3/12 innkeepers
Kill list
3/13. 13 Assassins
Attack the block
3/15 My SUCKY teen romance
3/16. Cold Sweat
3/19 Quills
3/20 pee wee broadway
Hall pass
Pick up artist
Adventures in babysitting
3/22. Cabin Fever 2
3/23. Frozen
3/24 limitless
3/26 witches of eastwick
3/27 Hef doc
Botany of desire
Eyes of the mothman
Mystery Team
3/28 Behind the Mask
3/29 Eat Pray Love
3/30 13 assassins
3/31 sucker punch
Hobo with a shotgun
4/1 Source Code
Lincoln Lawyer
4/2 Faster
4/4 adjustment bureau
Little Fokkers
More films Apr/may
4/5 Jaws
4/15 Rocky Horror
4/18 The other guys
4/20 The Joneses
4/21 X Games: The Movie
4/28 Back from Hell: Sam Kinison doc
4/27 True lies
4/26 Dirty Dancing
4/24 Jaws of Satan
Fast Five
4/30 Fast & Furious
Too Fast Too Furious
F&F: Tokyo Drift
F&F 4
5/3 Drop Dead Sexy
Death at a Funeral
5/2 Revolver
5/4 The Square
5/5 Doghouse
All Good Things
5/14 Terminator 2
Terminator 3
Terminator 4
Dick Tracy
5/8Hanna Takes the Stairs
The Puffy Chair
Beyond the Mat
5/7Until the Light Takes Us
Shadows and Fog
Your Friends & Neighbors
Joe Rogan: Live
The Cable Guy
5/15 MI:III
Star Trek
Grown ups
5/19 bridesmaids
5/23 Howl
5/25 Zombie Girl
5/26 Hangover II
And Soon The Darkness
5/27 Potc 2 Dead mans chest
5/28 Raiders lost ark
Kingdom of Crystal Skull
Temple of doooooom
Last Crusade
8/10 Color of Money
8/11 Choose
8/12 FD5
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
8/13 The Ward
8/14 Crazy.Stupid.Love.
Bed Peace documentary
The roommate
8/15 Senna
Beat rhymes and life
8/18 Fright Night
8/19 Project A
Project A 2
Armour of God
Best of Martial Arts Films doc
Sukiyaki Western Django
Kill Bill
8/20. Conan
Kill Bill 2
8/21 Last Summer at Coney Island doc
8/23 Inferno
8/25 The Abyss
8/26 Charlotte doc
Basquiat doc
Born Rich doc
8/27 Basquiat
9/4 Dead & Buried

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Date: 4/29/10      Location: East Village Cinemas — Tribeca Film Fest

Director: J BLakeson

Starring: Gemma Atherton, Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston

Given the fact that kidnapping for ransom has become a booming industry in some countries, you’d think by now there would at least be a few movies where everything actually goes according to plan. In THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED, that plan is well thought out and executed to perfection; well, at least the first part.

What makes J Blakeson’s go around at how to muck up the art of the kidnap so compelling is seeing the meticulous process that goes into effect from the first frame. We are not introduced to Danny (Martin Compston) and Vic (Eddie Marsan) in these first scenes. We only see two men preparing to kidnap someone: lining a stolen van with plastic, sound proofing the walls of a bedroom, and going through anobsessive amount of wardrobe changes. Just when you think they might just be out to record a demo album, they throw a woman (Gemma Atherton) into the van, drive her to the studio-turned-dungeon and lock her away.

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Date: 4/28/10      Location:

Director: Daniel Barber

Starring: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer

Here’s a link to a round table interview with Michael Caine I was a part of:



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Date: 4/25/10      Location: Home Theater

Director: Bruce “cancer boy” McCulloch

Starring: Jason Lee, Tom Green, Leslie Mann, Dennis Farina

If it wasn’t for Movie Lounge, I would NEVER have watched this. It’s a serviceable comedy but it’s really an Airplane comedy, meaning I’d only watch if I was stuck in the sky next to a large man. Tom Green is almost as annoying as Tracy Morgan to me and I hope they never cross paths in the future.