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2011 Tally: 118 (incomplete)

Posted in Uncategorized by dtinnin on September 4, 2011

3/7 Monsters
3/8 astronauts wife
We own the night
3/11 battle la
Girl walks into a bar
Little deaths
3/12 innkeepers
Kill list
3/13. 13 Assassins
Attack the block
3/15 My SUCKY teen romance
3/16. Cold Sweat
3/19 Quills
3/20 pee wee broadway
Hall pass
Pick up artist
Adventures in babysitting
3/22. Cabin Fever 2
3/23. Frozen
3/24 limitless
3/26 witches of eastwick
3/27 Hef doc
Botany of desire
Eyes of the mothman
Mystery Team
3/28 Behind the Mask
3/29 Eat Pray Love
3/30 13 assassins
3/31 sucker punch
Hobo with a shotgun
4/1 Source Code
Lincoln Lawyer
4/2 Faster
4/4 adjustment bureau
Little Fokkers
More films Apr/may
4/5 Jaws
4/15 Rocky Horror
4/18 The other guys
4/20 The Joneses
4/21 X Games: The Movie
4/28 Back from Hell: Sam Kinison doc
4/27 True lies
4/26 Dirty Dancing
4/24 Jaws of Satan
Fast Five
4/30 Fast & Furious
Too Fast Too Furious
F&F: Tokyo Drift
F&F 4
5/3 Drop Dead Sexy
Death at a Funeral
5/2 Revolver
5/4 The Square
5/5 Doghouse
All Good Things
5/14 Terminator 2
Terminator 3
Terminator 4
Dick Tracy
5/8Hanna Takes the Stairs
The Puffy Chair
Beyond the Mat
5/7Until the Light Takes Us
Shadows and Fog
Your Friends & Neighbors
Joe Rogan: Live
The Cable Guy
5/15 MI:III
Star Trek
Grown ups
5/19 bridesmaids
5/23 Howl
5/25 Zombie Girl
5/26 Hangover II
And Soon The Darkness
5/27 Potc 2 Dead mans chest
5/28 Raiders lost ark
Kingdom of Crystal Skull
Temple of doooooom
Last Crusade
8/10 Color of Money
8/11 Choose
8/12 FD5
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
8/13 The Ward
8/14 Crazy.Stupid.Love.
Bed Peace documentary
The roommate
8/15 Senna
Beat rhymes and life
8/18 Fright Night
8/19 Project A
Project A 2
Armour of God
Best of Martial Arts Films doc
Sukiyaki Western Django
Kill Bill
8/20. Conan
Kill Bill 2
8/21 Last Summer at Coney Island doc
8/23 Inferno
8/25 The Abyss
8/26 Charlotte doc
Basquiat doc
Born Rich doc
8/27 Basquiat
9/4 Dead & Buried

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