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Tallyteers: June Tally: 14 Films Seen ; 91 films since joining 4/8/10

Posted in 2010 Tally by dtinnin on July 2, 2010

This is embarrassing. I obviously went outdoors way too much in the month of June and watched way too much TV. I did manage to see the following films:

6/2 DARK KNIGHT – still epic.

6/4 GET HIM TO THE GREEK – furry walls?

6/8 FRIGHT NIGHT – all class.

6/9 SOUL POWER – James Brown was a force.

6/12 ROCKY IV – best training montage ever.

ROCKY V – no training montage = fail

GET CARTER – Stallone- a-thon continues

DEMOLITION MAN – back when Arnold was only the President.

6/15 FIRST CONTACT – best Trek flick of the ’90s

6/23 KNIGHT AND DAY – Poor Tom.

6/28 HIGH FIDELITY – the last gasp of ’90s Indie cinema…

6/29 STONES IN EXILE – They were kings.


SINGLES – “I was just nowhere near your neighborhood…”


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