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CLUE (1985), WILD LIFE (1984), HELL NIGHT (1981)

Posted in tallyteers 2010 by dtinnin on June 1, 2010

CLUE (1985)

Director: Jonathan Lynn

Starring: Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Colleen Camp and her boobs

The actor that plays Mr. Body is also in WILD LIFE and STREETS OF FIRE. Why is this important? It’s not, really.

WILD LIFE (1984)

Director: Art Linson

Writer: Cameron Crowe

Starring: Eric Stoltz, Chris Penn, Rick Moranis, Lea Thompson, Jenny Wright

This is the forgotten film of the ’80s, but it still served as the template for future teen comedies but the film never gets that acknowledgement. FAST TIMES got all of the attention because of how it dealt with the issue of teen pregnancy. WILD LIFE as all the fun of FAST TIMES, with none of the melodrama. It also features a lazy but somehow note perfect “score” by Eddie Van Halen, who probably just went through his vast collection of recorded licks from 5150 and matched them up accordingly. The film still hasn’t been released on DVD, but it will get its due soon enough.


Director: Tom DeSimone

Starring: Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten

Vincent Van Patten is a total noob. I hadn’t seen this since Best of QT Fest in 2006. It’s now OOP, but you can find it if you look. This is my favorite Linda Blair performance, and the first time that she was looked at as a sex symbol. It’s frat horror at its best and I’m sure Platinum Dunes will remake it soon enough…

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